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Ok I have to admit she had a lot of things going for her.
She was engaging, daring and very there for the artist, always willing to open her arms and encourage people to do their thing.
She was smart and yes she was innovative, "independent" and I'll give it to her she was well connected in the theatre scene.
But let's face it, she was totally over-demanding, she was extremely expensive and all she had going for her was her little black box, which was small and frumpy being only a 60-seater venue (you do the maths).

I am talking about the Storeroom my husband's theatre/venue/artist hub situated above the Parkview Hotel in North Fitzroy, Melbourne.
She has been the other woman in my life, always in the background, sending late night messages, pulling my husband out at all hours for her fickle biddings, always finding excuses for keeping him back late at the office.

I know that the Storeroom provided so many opportunities for so many artists to develop their craft and trade as actors, directors, writers, producers and designers.
People such as Casey Bennetto, Jason Marion and Ray Matson, Angus Sampson, Brendan Cowell, Fiona O'Loughlin, Emily Taheny, Paul McCarthy, Jane Body, Lally Katz, Ross Mueller, Anna Tregloan and Sam Simmonds just to name a few have all been a part of productions there.

I am also well aware that she generously gave Melbourne theatre audiences many fantastic stories, tales, moments of contemplation about the nature of humanity and the idea of "theatre", experiences of humour, passion and intimacy that this space could uniquely facilitate.

I was aware how dedicated Todd was to The Storeroom when I first met him, it was his dream, his baby and actually thinking back his first lady, maybe she should have realized then it was time for her to move on, there was a new girl in town!!!

Ben Harkin his equally loyal and passionate partner built the theatre together their vision a dynamic living space where people could experiment, explore and celebrate theatre.

But as lives changed, Ben decided to leave this torrid ménage a' triors with the life altering decision to study to become a doctor, Todd had a family and the demands of such a high maintenance "Biatch" as The Storeroom became a difficult and exhausting.

Like any great love affair what makes you fall in love in the first place can completely turn you off at the end. The mistress became the master - the hard taskmaster!!

Pleasure becomes expectation, enthusiasm responsibility!!

To be honest I will miss the Storeroom it is with great fondest I say farewell.
I have made peace with her and I grew to love and respect how vital she was to theatre in Melbourne and therefore Australia on it's many levels.
But what is great is that where there is an end there is also a new beginning and that's what I am excited about for Todd!!

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