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Ok off to New York again to cast a rock into the biggest pool of all and see what ripples we can create.

Feeling much more relaxed this time, there was lots going on before the departure date last June when we headed off for our first attempt at cracking this grand egg.

I remember the night before I left I even said yes to MCing a fashion show that ended at 2 in morning than I was on the plane before I new it ...crazy!!

But there is something good about launching out of the chaos, you're kind of warmed up and less inclined to think about it too much.

I am a little terrified this time, it's a big commitment and I really feel because we have invested so much money and time in trying to make this happen I really have to bring home the bacon this time.

On our first reckie last year we had the scattergun approach, just racing round trying to meet who we could on the small bits of info we had is such a short time.

This time my off seder /producer/partner in crime or charm depending on the night, has an apartment there - she has moved to New York for three months to see if we can get this baby off the ground.

This baby is Love TV - we want to present it as a major project through out New York over summer and as my off-sider said the other day, "It's like climbing Mt Everest."

We are just going off our own bat, driven by an instinct that Love TV will be fantastic over there, that we could create something really unique and special coupled with a tendency for both us to be a little crazy!!

No assured outcomes, no promises or financial support agreed to, just us taking a leap and holding our breaths and hoping that the ground we have faith in under our feet, will catch us.

My other great friend Sophie has moved in for three weeks while she does her yoga intensive to help out and look after my twin girls.

Last year when I went away I missed them so much I was so stretched between this incredible feeling of elation and freedom and the feeling of terror at being so far from them and home...

Todd my husband is very supportive, he is my greatest champion and very up for me to give a red-hot shot.
The Aunt

So Mummy of twins and wifey of husbane Todd...all will be fine whilst you go off and conquer New York New York.

Good on you Sophie...I know you can cook and play games so check and check but if you need any Aunt advise...put my number in you phone and call any time.

Good luck Mummy and bring me home a surprise!!


hey Bec....while you're out there doing' ya thing girl in NYC.......keep singing and thinking Jay Z's rap anthem 'EMPIRE STATE OF MIND'.....that is gals can conquer all and make your 'LOVE, LOVE' thing happen!! best of luck! :)


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