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ECCLESASTICS 3.4  22 So I perceive that nothing is better that that a man (woman) should rejoice in his (her) own works, for that is his (her) heritage. For who can bring to him (her) to see what will happen after him (her).
This is what I turned to when I opened my Gideon bible in my Hotel room in L.A.
So the journey is nearly complete I am 2 ½ hours out of Melbourne and this flight has been travelling through a long extended night from L.A.

So looking forward to getting home remembering the ending to many of the great travel myths Paulo Coelho "The Pilgrimage" that the treasure is always under the tree in the back yard and Dorothy's journey down the yellow brick road leads back to "There is no place like home."
But what makes it also much sweeter is what was achieved back in New York.

Thursday more meetings all good!

That night we caught up with fellow compatriots, a great lady who is running an artist residency up in the Catskills,  brilliant playwright and Sean Penn look alike AKA Mummy, and his very talented wife .
Then we set about doing what Australians do very thoroughly - Drink!
We met at an intimate little bar, candles, blues trio, great food, The Anyway Cafe on the corner if 2nd St And 2nd Ave.
We rounded it off at the graffiti scrawled punk bar the Mars Bar where the beer is served straight from the carton.
It sort of ended up how those nights often do! Here a wallet got lost, some hot Italians were plying us we tequila and mummy and I were heading for an argument!

Friday we went shopping, hit the Canal St circuit looking for presents for home.
Then down town for our last official meeting, which looks like a great event in the lower Manhattan district.

That night we had an invitation to the opening at the New Museum but again a 2-hour wait......which we all decided, we were far to old to have to do (don't know weather that is a good or a bad thing).
So we went dinner with this wonderful Australian woman Anne Marie who has a production company "Lost Wallaby" at a brilliant Mexican tapas bar on Delaney St.

Saturday my last day in town was a la carte cultural explosion, starting at the New Museum and the Jeff Koons curated show "Fruit Skin" which was full of monoliths made of white chocolate, candle bodies burning slowly, lifelike dead bodies in coffins and a very eerie merry go round in the colour scale of grey slowly grinding around to the music of it's own crank shaft.
This was followed by Dim sum in Chinatown with Vajello and his beautiful family.
Then we popped into Doug the local barbers because he invited us to his Farwell drinks, unfortunately the fun of this was dampened when I got stuck talking to Raymond who kept spitting his biscuits on me because he was missing all his front teeth.
Then we were off to a private Jazz Salon in Brooklyn, so sophisticated, so adult. It was hosted in this gorgeous house full of African masks and African American paintings - in the lounge room was a baby grand piano a double bass and drum kit all being played by some red hot musicians. This was all served with red wine and cheese to a group of well heeled middle class African Americans who had paid to see the show - so cool!!!
We stayed for a set then screamed across town in a taxi to catch the late session of Radiohole's show at Ps 122, chocolate throwing 70's s style performance, stunning aesthetically, actors triggering sound and vision from their wrists - anarchic and silly but I liked it even though my off sider and I seemed to be the only ones that found it funny.
This was all finished off with cocktails at a small swarray on a Manhattan rooftop with the cityscape in the background.
Wow what a time, now I look forward to the sweet quietness of suburbia!!
My off-sider will continue to follow up all the in the roads we have made and things are looking good for the summer of 2011!!
Lara Merrett

I agree it's her best show yet! So elegant and playful.


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