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Jacqui Stockdale has created an absolutely outstanding show which celebrates the power of paint, when the brush is wielded with such  precision and sensitivity that makes the canvas ring with colour, light,  texture and story.

The paintings are phantasmagorical , a cacophony of masks, dolls, toys and human form piled high in a balancing act that leads the anticipating viewers eye across the vivid terrain of textures of fur, plastic, velvet, skin and hair .

The colours are luminous , the forms glow from within as they make their statement on the stark white background which is a strong feature through the whole series.

The relationships between the objects have their own narrative , that is humorous, dark, and intricate, that we as the viewer are teased to tell for ourselves.

This show is a culmination of many themes and ideas that Stockdale  has been working on for a number years and here in Strange Archipelago they are all turned up to full volume to really sing a brilliant song that leaves one wanting an encore!!

A Must see at
Helen Gory Galerie, 25 St Edmonds Rd, Prahran VIC 3181  UNTIL JUNE 12th

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