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Oh my god what a start I thought my bloody flight to Sydney to get my connection to L.A. was at 8 10 pm when it actually was 5 45 pm I wasn't even at the airport when it took off.

The next flight I could get was at 6 45 the woman at the desk who was more interested in Todd's past of playing Bad boy Darren Starke in Neighbours, said I might make my connection to L.A. So I took the ticket and started running.

As a courtesy Todd rang Virgin Interanational the guy on the phone said I would not make the flight, I would loose my ticket all $1400 of it and I would have to purchase a new one!!

It was devastating news to hear as I was standing at the gate on the verge of boarding the flight, we were both  freaking out,  I should forget the whole fucking thing, and loose all that money we were gambling on the cockamanny idea.

Get on the plane now, I might get to Sydney miss the connection have to pay for a hotel and loose the ticket in the process.

Cancel the ticket now and re book for a new one at a cost of $600.

Get on the plane; make the connection fly to New York - Gin and Tonic in hand.

My heart was pounding into my ribs, my brain was exploding, and I felt like I was going to have a heart attack!!

Last call went out to board and I turned to the hostess in tears and explained to her the scenario, she was incredibly compassionate and said I would make it, which was confirmed by her off sider and they both said the guy from Virgin on the phone knew nothing and that Todd should hang up.

So he did and the hostess said come on I'll tell the Stewart that they have to let you off first so I hysterically ran down the gang plank onto the to plane.


The Stewart came and had a word to me during the flight  so everyone sitting around me was aware of my plight and very supportive.

The businessman to my left had lots of facts he kept offering up according to him it was the only flight that left on time that night.

Forty minutes into the flight the pilot said we were running ten minutes early...that was unbelievable everyone around me agreed.

On landing the Stewart made an announcement that there was a woman who was running very late for her International flight and asked if everyone from row 24 back could wait to stand up to let her off first that  it would be greatly appreciated.

So I stood up and introduced myself to the back of the plane and said thank-you very much in anticipation of their generosity.

Plane landed and I started running, no shuttle available, I have to get a taxi.

Running through the terminal, two bags and two jackets in hand.

Get to the taxi rank about 200 people standing in line.........FUCK !!!!!!!!

I run straight up to the first lady, and say almost in tears I have to get to the international Terminal immediately can I pay you 20 bucks for your taxi??

She said please take it no worries you look like your going to cry.

She ends up in the taxi as well.... both her and the cab driver assuring I'll make, its' alright, don't worry all the way to the International terminal!!

 I get to the desk and I HAVE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a crazy time but such great support and understanding from everyone I met, everyone wanted me to get to the plane and did all they could to get me there.

It showed me how strangers can be so helpful and wonderful when you appear so desperately in need.... nothing like a crisis to reaffirm humanity!!





Shevonne Hunt
3/12/2010 07:07:53

you go girl! chase the dream!! I'll be following your blog with great interest, and sending my good juju for the success of your trip. Love TV is a good thing for this world. May it grow and prosper.

The Aunt
3/13/2010 16:29:09


I cant believe stressful..thank god you made it. I am sorry but laughed through the whole blog - imagining you in such array!
Noah and I send our love xx


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