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Ok feeling so great toady, it's warm outside went for a run across the Williamsburg Bridge the sun screaming down on the monolithic city everything is possible again!!

Had a brilliant meeting with The Socrates Sculpture Park, what a stunning space a grassy oasis, back dropped against the city skyline, which is separated from the park by a slowly lulling Hudson.

Alyson Baker the director was very generous with her time filling us in on the wonderful program they present there.  They really bring the incredibly multi-cultural community (up to 130 different languages in the schools) that live in this Long Island area into the park to enjoy a wide range of events and presentation of brilliant work.

Then we headed off back on the train to PS 1 to check out their Saturday Night program, which they are developing.
We had to change trains which ment a dash up the stairs I was a few steps behind Vic, so she got the train first and then the door just shut in my face and then took off.

So I tried to stay cool we were going to the next station so I would just get the next train there, which arrived, in 3 minutes.
But I arrived to an empty station, no Vic, I didn't have here number, I had no keys to the apartment, and we were all the way on the other side of town....aaahhhhhhhh!!!

So I jumped on the next train back to the first station looking frantically everywhere for Vic, while racking my brain about how I could find her number, if I only I could access my internet.

That's when I decided to activate my million dollar data roaming on my phone, so I could access my hotmail, I did and luckily found her number on an old email, then called her on the pay phone there on the station. (I'll be very interested to see how much that costs me because apparently it's insanely expensive!)

Then she appeared, what had happened was the train she got on was an express train for 5 stations so she couldn't get off at the next stop.........anyway we were reunited!!!

That night we ended up down in a swank bar in Wall St with all suits celebrating St Patrick's day.
Then had dinner at a dim sum back in Chinatown that was very cheap and cheerful but with way too much MSG!!! Met some gorgeous local boys there who wore their pants down on their knees so they could show off their "Polo" long johns...hilarious!!!

It's amazing you can go from one extreme to the next in culture, class, and social group and visit ten in one night.

The night before for Vic's birthday we went to an African band down at the Hi Line then had awesome pizza at Lombardi's in Little Italy, then went to the infamous Box where Vic won a dildo in the deep throat competition!!!
She was brilliantly entertaining and deserved to win but was disqualified for giving the dildo fellatio!

2nd Wife here..just thought I'd let you know that all well on the home front...just as a side when you put Lola to bed does she usually say ' go to go to airport die??...' or is that just a special 2nd Mummy thing? And Lenny the dog I'm not sure what you are feeding him when you are here but he has licked all the crutchs out of my dirty knickers when I was busy with other mummy duties. Better go got a cake in the oven and the washing to hang on the line. Don't be suprised when you get back if Rubes is in the bath with all her clothes on..she'll just say but mummy Sophie let me...keep up making magic in and on NYC ya and your gang you've made a beautiful family with big LOVE.Xxxxxx


Hi there 2nd wife you are doing a fabulous job with my family and I will definately write you a reference for any prospective husbands that might be coming along.
I'm sorry to hear about your knickers!!
Love you


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