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Feeling great today the sun is out and shinning bright, the new moon is about to kick in and little spring buds are beginning to raise their shiney little heads!
Finally had a break through yesterday when we made it into the office of the wonderful Freedome Bradely......he lived up to his name, big, tall, handsome man with a laugh as large as a mountain!!
He runs the theatre in the parks program through out the 5 bourroughs off New York.

He was interested in what we had to present him and he could see how it could fit into their Summer in the Parks program.
The public Arts programmer just happened to be at the next desk so he literally pulled her into the meeting on her chair on wheels.
She really loved what we presented and said we had a brilliant project!
Finally someone who gets us! We really needed some encouragement.
Luckily we got Freedome because it was the beginning of the first day of his holiday and he had to see his boss so he thought he may as well squeeze us in.

What is so interesting is we have talked to so many people and the information that one person  gave us with fierce conviction was that no one like  Freedomes existed ie presenting public work through the 5 bourroghs!

But he does exit..
People have said don't go to Socrates Island, No do go the Socrotes Island it's perfect for you, do the Figment Festival it's cutting edge and brilliant , no don't do Figment it's a pack of feral hippies, there is no way anyone is going to pay you any money to do your show, yes we have money and we can.

It seems that if someone is confident in the conviction they are giving you  an honest piece of information you believe it to be "TRUE", but then someone just as definate in their opinion gives you a conflicting information so they think that it is the TRUTH.

I say There is no truth!!!

The truth is totally relative to the experience one individual has had and it is totally subjective!

There is definitely no one TRUTH

That said we will go forth and try to be clear in our own vision and trust our ow instincts and discover our own TRUTH.

Anywa it's Vic's  birthday today , lunch with another festival producer lots of emailing and stuff , a great run across the Williamsburgh bridge.........keep on truckin'!!!

Miss my girls so much and I wish I was there when Todd won his Green Room Award for Best Actor, good on ya Todd!!

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