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I interviewed Rutgher Hauer at the St Kilda Festival opening night 2003.
Rutgher was a special guest at the event and one of my trusty LOVE wranglers convinced him to crawl into my tent at the after party.
He was enormous taking up alot of the tent with his leather jacket and those piercing blue eyes.
As with all LOVE TV interviews I started the conversation with "Are you in love at the moment?" and he replied it's none of your damn business.........which was quite terrifying as where was I to go from there?
But I stuck to my Aphrodite guns or should I say clams  and assured him that it was all in the name of art and in the end he told me all about his marriage of twenty five years and that he would not be who he was today without her!
He also told me my favorite quote "That love will either feed you or eat you" and I think that sums things up really well on the subject of love.
Here is a clip of Rutgher in Bladerunner this is an all time brilliant moment of cinema with Rutgher at his supreme being best!!!

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