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Mirka Moira is the Goddess herself embodying the ideals of beauty, love, art and sexiness.
Moira  (born 1928) is a prominent French-born AustralianVisual artist who has contributed significantly to the development of Contemporary Art in Australia. Her mediums include painting, sculpture and mosaics.
She was such a good sport crawling into the confides of my small tent where I interviewed her in a bar called LOOP in Melbourne.
Mirka's interview  revealed to me that certain things are a constant through life within a person, from the day they are born to the day they die. Age does not take away our strengths it just clarifies them.
As Mirka siad "Sex is nature, sex is everything" and I will take it further like Love is a universal experience therefore sex is a universal experience!!

After the interview I had the privilege of being invited to her amazing house/studio /apartment a number of times. It was  a labyrinth of floor to ceiling objects of desire, dolls, cups, books, paintings, her bed, her easel all in one enormous magical room.
We would have cups of tea, or a wine, she taught me how to play canasta with her gorgeous grand daughter Maddie, it was like a romance I would bring her flowers she would tell me secrets. When I was there in her presence there was a timelessness, it was like I would enter a space in which it felt like all the spirits from all the artists that had lived before existed there, in a quite warm yellow light, with laughter and a critical eye and mind.
Mirka showed me that life can be lived large and free when one commits to believing in art, magic and love!!

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